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What is Restoration?


1: give back, return


2: to put or bring back into existence or use


3: to bring back to or put back into a former

or original state : renew


4: to put again in possession of something


Restoration Inc. is a registered 501c3 organization dedicated to creating best in class "restoration experiences" (luxury retreats and events) that help inspire personal revival in the hearts and minds of busy, high achieving, women, couples, and young people around the world. Annually, Restoration, Inc. hosts signature events at the world's most sought after destinations, including Restoration Weekend (for busy pioneering women), Restoring the Love (for couples), Restoration, Too! (with a focus on youth/young adults) and Restore Your Body (for health and wellness). In addition to these experiences, Restoring Hope is the global outreach arm of Restoration, Inc., bringing hope and the promise of a better tomorrow to women and children who have been devastated by some of life's most difficult circumstances.


With each experience centered around the principles of self-reflection, self-care, and giving back, Restoration Inc. aims to give women what they often will not give to themselves: a time of meaningful, self-focused rest and refilling...a time of replenishment and much needed rejuvenation and self-indulgence...a time to be restored.

Restoration, Inc.

Sheree Fletcher

Nicole Green

 Yolanda Carroll

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