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Project Restoration

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Twelve years ago, Michelle Hargrove Enterprises started hosting their annual Restoration Weekend Experience and the mission was simple: for women to Relax, Reconnect with whats important and to Restore.

It was just a few years later that Project Restoration launched it's Restoring Hope initiative to serve the under-served in the communities we visited all over the world. From the Dominican Republic, Mexico, South Africa to Los Angeles, Restoration Inc. has been spreading a message of love and hope around the globe.



In the Dominican Republic, we donated school supplies and school uniforms to hundreds of Haitian orphans, purchased a wheelchair for a girl with cerebral palsy, and paid for healthcare for a young girl with a cleft palate. In South Africa, we donated clothes, money, food and computers to children in the village of Kliptown, located in Soweto. We also provided one mother with a scholarship to attend trade school.

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We believe that education is power and because of the scholarship we empowered her with love and kindness, and provided her with the necessary tools she needed to take care of herself and her daughter so she could leave an abusive relationship. 

We feel called to restore hope to those that feel hopeless and to spread love.  Our goal is to distribute at least 5000 Love Boxes around the world annually. The Love Box is for everyone who is in need of hope.  From the homeless on the streets and in shelters, to our aging elders living alone and in nursing homes, to parents sitting in the children's hospital wards, to the single fathers who are forced to raise their newborn baby alone due to maternal deaths, to the family that is in transition... we all need restoration and everyone needs love. 



We need your love and support.  Partner with us as a "Love Box Ambassador" on upcoming Love Box initiatives by:

  1. Writing a  Love Note - Each love box will contain a Love Note, which is simply a note of encouragement, a message of love and hope. 

  2. Love Box in kind donations - We would love for your company and/or organization to partner with us. 

  3. Make a Donation - We need monetary donations in any amount to support the mission. 


Thank you in advance for joining us as we impact lives globally, one Love Box at a time. 



Michelle E. Hargrove 


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